chit chat session with umut, some strange place in beyoglu



taksim square



cigdem spending time before the movie



i missed the bus thus I was forced to use light rail system for the following 90 minutes



in about 15 minutes from zeytinburnu to sirkeci, this guy sitting across me kept talking his buddy’s head off jumping from one subject to another. at the moment I know everything about cnc machines, recent street railway accidents, his father’s memoirs in jail, shock heating techniques of milk production factories, reasons of dramatic failure in gs store profits and the ability of teknosa shop assistants



talked everyone to death



this man replaced the young know-it-all, looking around he noticed my camera and directly asked if I am studying photography. tired of hearing this question. okay, the point is film is not considered to be something one can willingly deal with, anymore.



walked from one end to the other in the rail car to make a photo of this interesting figure



from light rail to bus



from bus to subway. I feel better in underground





10 hours of power cut in sisli area



next day we had 2nd birthday party of 1000 volt. cigdem getting ready for the stage



on the way to the place. the party roll is a trix pushed to 3200. developed in hc-110, 15 minutes at 20°C (1:31)



i had no hope that anything could turn out well in that light



we had this berlin-based bass heavy trio jahcoozi on the stage





and they rocked



luca in the crowd, I remember shooting this one





the last thing I remember was that pinar jumped onto the stage



some random face from the audience



definitely my favorite from the night. love the expression of the smoking girl



see the grand guy staring at me? seconds later we bumped into eachother and he started shooting questions at me about lens, aperture, etc. being drunk and snob I said it’s a leica and walked away, he should have cursed me







it started to get crowded inside, there was literally no room to step. and we left



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