subway as usual. I like the that train will stop right here look of the man. made me feel more confident



I don’t advise you to look at this photo more than three seconds



some nice trivial pursuit session against the most ignorant couple ever!





ayten & ufuk



this leave the shopping cart and go situation is a bit misunderstood about here. you can go as far as you want with it and you don’t have to bother leaving it in a corner or a suitable place












umut celebrating the 50th year of pizza hut



colleagues getting ready for the workshop in resfest



luca & sinem





he kindly asked me not to include his feet in the frame





extreme damp is literally fucking my house



at deniz’s. umut prepared some nice chili con carne for us. for those interested, here is what he used for the recipe






and the sneaky cook



her cat pudra, smelled some testosterone





i had no idea what he was doing there alone at 2 am. pretty strange people hanging out around my house nowadays. f2 1/2 second



luca doing some hdr tests at the cafe







out for my one day trip to ankara, f2 1/15th



you know I was looking for the responsibles for this shopping cart issue for a while



waiting for the service vehicle, f2 1/8th



and the bus, f2 1/30



okay, I give up. I stumbled upon this three-wheeled shopping cart on the 4th floor of a university building. nothing surprises me anymore



f5.6 1/1000 I guess





something new on the stairs that i’ve been using for the past 10 years. meaning abrogation, the rising rap star of batikent? doubtless. f2 1/4th



subway of ankara. my meter says 4 times more light is entering through the lens than it would in istanbul with my default subway setting. fits m. gokcek’s style very well: we have the best illuminated subway cars among all european capital cities



chilling out with kivanc of cicibebe just before his performance and my home journey, burger king



heading my way to the terminal



asti harbouring lots of exhausted passengers as usual, waiting for their connections. shaded side of the waiting lounge, f2 1/8th







the rest are 1/4th







stop over at bolu, f2.4 1/60th



back to istanbul, umut agitated this roll. another trix at 1000, developed in hc-110, 17 minutes at 20°C, 1:63



landscape view from pierre loti





the v700 film holders piss me off since my films tend to curl towards the emulsion side all the time. I finally attached 4 needles vertically on the 6 exposure strip holder so that they match the spaces between frames, keeping the negatives flat. also set the document table height 0.5mm lower considering the needle thickness(how clever). it seems I got some sharper results. I mean sharp enough for a 1/8th



then we were at this very interesting four storey durum eating house, each storey about 10 meters square






yet irrelevant, though my fav from the night



having decided to end the day with some drink, we bumped into one of deniz’s ancient friends, umay umay





we had some chat







deniz’s new holga!





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