starting from may with a few shots





kung fu husteling at erkan’s









some crap results at 400 developed in 8 minutes (xtol 1:1, 20°C)





gone out for a walk on the world’s reflection day









at the office, with an old classmate, cahit





some breakfast place called agac cafe where you can find the cheapest menemen in istanbul



the owner guy of taksim, living in a small way



traditional single day visit to ankara



dad working in the garden, this time preparing for another project



in which some turkish journalists, artists and photographers visit van gogh in france and reinterpret his life and work







<i>a pair of shoes</i>

a pair of shoes



back to istanbul, watching turkey vs. portugal







cigdem’s trademark salad (5 days old)



some beyoglu stuff







at a very inconsistent cafe at beyoglu.. we asked if they have backgammon just before we sit and the waitress answered, for sure. we took our seats, ordered some tea and asked for the backgammon again and she said sorry, it’s forbidden to play



walking down to besiktas


next roll (trix) mostly exposed in eminonu at 1600 and developed in xtol 1:1, 18 minutes at 21°C















I hope they’re looking at.. me





this one can be quite a scary scene if you’ve seen el orfanato recently



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