we were on a one week trip at italy. full of tourists at this time of the year. following shots mostly exposed at venice, florence, rome and naples with the ordinary setting of trix at 1600 and developed in xtol 1:1, 17,5 minutes at 21°C. we had this ultra fine wheather on the contrary, I had a chance to fully experience the nd filter






traditional venetian masks everywhere










































on our way to florence












guy recording the caricaturists at piazza del duomo


















around accademia and duomo in the back, about where they claim that there are 463 steps to the top, which is a huge lie. I probably lost 3 kilos climbing





i have no idea what that reflection on the negative is. looks like someone sabsabotaged my shot










we decided go to pisa by train to get rid of the tour community











pisa madness
















back to florence





piazza delgi uffizi





on our way to rome


































santa maria in trastevere, interreligious activity














the cute tiber island









killing time at piazza di spagna





an experimental toilet I bumped into at a stop over before pompei trip, what you step is what you pee



napoli, pretty much like istanbul, full of chaos








back to rome, rather out of focus, I like the way his shoes look though





those men in suits and their helmets on, going to work by scooters. would be a very conflict scene in turkey




musei capitolini






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