we were at the celebration after the press conference, for release of ibrahim karaoglu’s book about artist ibrahim ors. book of artistic analysis on which they used one of my crap shots as portrait of the author. everything was great until the guy began singing out some kind of folksong very loud.


ahmet erhan pointing out the paparazzi 


author having a good time


lots of figures from fine arts community and literary world, hanefi yeter


ending the party with the starring.. he signed the book for me and noted down: I hope you make a photo of me someday, brother


with pleasure mr.


bad news is that these were the last shots I made with my beloved pentax me super, it’s broken now and way beyond repair. after some weeks of ebaying I found a clean leica m6 coupled with a cron 35mm. first shots, trix at 800 developed with ilfosol (crap combo) 


wandering around the office




luca & sinem




we discovered a nice tea-house near cigdem’s house



walking around taksim & sisli



back to work.. the famouse wc


mustafa preseva at his best


pointless photo session with umut, hosted by the avid room





on my way home


this is last time I use ilfosol, for sure


overtime & playstation madness




they call me to the front desk


aww cigdem’s given me a visit!


back to cafe




tolga. having telecined for the last 8 hours, he can’t open his eyes at light


pointless photo session with umut again, this time hosted by the sound room. all 1/8th





having ran out of chemicals, I had this roll developed and scanned at some photo store. I don’t understand how and why they produce sepia toned images from my trix rolls every time. I feel confused trying to desaturate bw shots.

actually, I love the way these digital photo stores approach on bw film photography.

– hi, do you have any kind of bw film?
– take this kodak gold, just shoot and we can convert your photos into bw.

later on, I realized that this guy was the fairest. some try to sell expired rolls for $10.

there is no doubt that the most enjoyable part is trying to print something with these guys. taking the initiative, he tries to brighten the photo to reveal the face in silhouette, or cancels the print for a particular photo if he doesn’t like the composition, claiming that it’s a crap photo shot by mistake.

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