my weekend started with this intercorporate meeting during which we made serious plans of conquering the world. the details are confidential, sorry










working on saturdays can be a pain in the ass. I was lucky enough to have arranged a 27 hours weekend visit to eskisehir, where my nephew and his family lives.


on my way to station





arrived in beautiful eskisehir, cinar welcomes us








cinar following his grandfather’s footprints





going out for some fresh air





it was robert’s coffee (no starbucks in eskisehir)





watching atlantis the lost empire for the 9th time



i made this possible with a rangefinder and trix+2



wandering around





ratatouille, 12th



big grin on my face everytime I see this photo



playing with grandpa’s camera







meanwhile in the back room. white explosion fits the mood so well. my favorite



back to the living room














a good example of why I love black and white photography. what turned out here is pretty different from what I saw through my left eye at that moment. bw transforms reality into something else.


like a dream



next morning, the journey home





eskisehir has such a little, cute airport that only small planes are allowed to take off and land







back to istanbul with some hip shots, all 1/15th f2, plusx 125








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