surprisingly spending time with deniz & umut this time





the night ended with the hall disaster though I feel lucky to have snapped this one on the way



see the caustics effect that those extreme rims make on the floor? amazing, nice culture acquisition on streets thanks to need for speed



next day, somewhere in istiklal



met one of my ancient friends, the most hated motion designer on earth, cem gul at the supermarket



one who can eat pickles is always an interesting subject for me



some classic shots from here and there













back to the sleepers for a while







i was making my way from metro to home when I saw this operator guy switched on the auto-pilot (something like 2 km/h) got off the vehicle, lighted up a cigar and started walking with it. looked like he had taken his giant pet out for a walk



wandering around ali sami yen







the giant pet and some carts



following are some trixs at 1000, developed in xtol 1:1, 11 minutes at 20°C, on my way to the office



a red beetle toy in a red beetle. I remember we used to count a hundred of them to make a wish. makes no sense in black and white, though



joined cinar’s 2nd birthday party with a two day delay, eskisehir





cinar making fun of my holding the camera



erdogan dede



so we headed our way to the atelier of mursit hoca



where my father was going to prepare some huge ceramic boards to be placed on the ground somewhere in trabzon





mursit hoca and his crew responsible of arranging the resources and the cooking process

























sis with the freezing look


















mustafa abi











panning some sticks in action



we used some fat, abundant clay from mesopotamia









back to istanbul



hanging around the depressing haydarpasa



ferry chronicles





some book piracy at the heart of eminonu square. respect the effort, brothers. and don’t forget the reps







these f11 1/1000s piss me off it’s obvious that I need a nd filter as soon as possible



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