last month we were in ankara for the wedding of senemk and erhan, I was there once again to irritate the pro photographers of the place


I was just waiting for the pose instructions to come to an end, when guy with the camcorder saw my M and asked me to take a look at it. looked over for about a minute and said hmm, it’s old!










we had some nice ambience in the terrace




















taking to the stage with gulum benim from ibrahim tatlises







ayten & ufuk



some shots from here and there





dad showing me bedri baykam’s original mirror writings (sorry, there was no sperm on it)








ayca at cigdem’s



we finally organized the photos including some of the above and made some prints as a wedding gift


I was just walking back to home when I bumped into the crowd for metallica concert, I noticed a young group drinking and shouting around, I approached and asked for taking some photos as they were using this homemade tool for downing the beer




waiting for the foam to go away



okay, the idea was nothing new but it was funny that they combined some crap house cleaning tools to make it



learned all the tips & tricks by the way



close-up for better understanding





guy said they’re using a different technique coming from cesme..



lowering the total absorption time down to 2 seconds



wandering around the stadium



nd8 filter on



mecidiyekoy covered in black. nice.







the guy was talking about the history of metallica









and finishing with some fresh chewing gum tattoos

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