wow – its been months since my last post. finally i’m back from the army. I wish I had the opportunity to use my camera there. naturally it was strictly forbidden. it was so funny to witness a bunch of grown up men gather, -in the name of serving the country- form an artificial reign, role play with that ridiculous attitude of no earthly use and call this military. ok, not to bore you with these endless discussions, it was a total waste of time.

starting with the pre-army shots. I feel like its been ages since those days. I really don’t remember what the topic was. so I just submit them more or less in chronological order. looks like a weekend visit to ankara.




is that cinar?


he was preparing for the exhibition at milli reasurans


which I missed, being under arms


the bathroom of the atelier


collecting strange closets from all over the world



he uses power wash as a part of the process



extending his playground




dad, me, and the acrylic splash on my shirt




everything is illuminated! I was there to make a preliminary photo shoot of the rock band cicibebe for their upcoming album, last nail in the coffin.




some familier faces of the band, erdem from high school


and uni classmate kivanc, look how fragile he is






a focal length of 35mm can capture unwanted details



after years of gigging in ankara pubs, finally they end up with an album. the interesting part is that the released cd was empty so one can download and burn the mp3s in it. thus they made a remarkable impact on the music community, stating that there’s no difference left between a music cd and an empty cd









back to istanbul. i’m seriously planning to start a series of kitchens in the night. cigdem’s



title of a poem in a street writing.. something you can expect from cihangir



on the set of tadelle commercial.. I was responsible for taking some reference photos and preparing the hdr image to use in visual effects




where I met this nice mr.


director of photographer tobias hochstein from israel. he was there for three days, setting up a unique look for the commercial. he noticed my leica, took out his leica mp and we had two days of nice chat. hope to see you again in turkey, mate!




the muscle guy was going to put a baby to sleep in the shot. they bring him a fake one for practicing


toby and the director, ozer feyzioglu


the outside shootings



van herpen was passing by



guy taking notes about each take


we made an agreement with erkan and sertac, to visit all of the big stadiums in istanbul before I leave for the army. it was a good excuse for me to see arsenal in the flesh.



no reason to sit


ramsey scores. poor sertac


desperately trying to spend the last days with the beloved ones, eskisehir


dad wearing cinar’s trapper hat



watching metoroporisu


having fun in the car






i have no idea where this photo came out of, should be from three or four rolls before, sister making up


dad and amelie working on the catalogue of the exhibition, milli reasurans


and that was my last shot before the 6-month separation.



may 2009. i’m back 



i miss the escalators



we gave a visit to umut’s new apartmen with cigdem


looking for his no-name cat


still looking for




time to leave for some cheap house food outside


eskisehir.. sister at her office


soo grown up cinar at their new place


looks like he’s obsessed with power rangers when I was away




cinar shooting me




shooting the rangers


desperately thinking


after putting him to sleep,


i went to the glass department which mustafa abi is the head of


dealing with some erasmus students



going through some students’ assignments. sis was advising him to keep it for the end of year exhibition, off the record



back to home. cinar and sis playing doctor-patient game





showing the power rangers poster








next day, watching spiderman on dvd


and on the way to the real doc


showing his scratch to him


at kent park


an artificial beach built on porsuk river


headed to neo to eat some walnut lahmacun


he loves the itouch!



time to turn back to istanbul


cinar getting upset just before I leave. I doubt it’s because he’s not on the train, though




  1. that’s a nice way to say I’m back. great photos, as always.

  2. I had time, checked all images they;re awesome man! It’;a pity that I know you just recently ( by a friend of Cem ). You’re absolutely using that M with mastery.

    Funny thing is ; when I read that you couldn’t shot pics in the army and I wanted to recommend you Sev’s blog then i saw his name on the right column :))

    Keep going nice to see you.

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