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back to blogging with a packed, dirty post after years. a lot happened meanwhile. at some point film and chemical prices went so freaking high in turkey that I had to quit film and put everything on hold for a while. finally found some time and enthusiasm to get the blog running again. sharing stuff from here and there in time. not much street on this one, mostly documenting stuff going around me as I go to places. all tri-x between 800-2400 iso shot with leica m6 and summicron 35mm


starting with some photos from the set of yahsi bati (ottoman cowbows)



background player having a rest



the artificial moon light



they literally built the whole town, even the interiors



I must say it was one of the best organized feature film sets I’ve ever been, but we still had to sleep in the car and wake up at 3am for a retake



the sequence they shot that night, we were responsible to make the butterfly and the tumbleweed at the end in cg



stopped by at cumalıkızık on the way to ayca’s wedding



a well-preserved ottoman village with not so well tradesmen



postmodern backyard



3 by 3 by 3



that’s the question



ayten signing the wedding guestbook



gave a visit to erkan’s, everything went fine until cigdem fell asleep at the doorway



a surprisingly quiet night at celiktepe. no street fights, no soldier send off celebrations





some random coffee place



at the opening ceromony of balat art square





a group of protesters broke into the place with their shirts labeled don’t mess with my home



they’ve been raising their voice against the slum clearance in balat for a while, trying to take mayor’s attention this time



a foreign journalist taking notes (with a beautiful handwriting and amazing layout)



cerkes karadag following the uproar



with selvin gafuroglu






phanar greek orthodox college



edeple varış, lütufla dönüş in a galaxy far, far away



good luck with that



back to office, side effects of working for commercials



that’s what post-production trash bin looks like












on the set for an art-documentary shooting at hagia irene, a 1600 year old historical orthodox church in istanbul



13 & 13, a 13 episode show produced by trt, where painters and musicians meet up, perform their art, improvise and feed each other. each episode is 13 minutes as you guess



in this episode my father is accompanied by harpist zeynep öykü



here is the final cut, if you are into that kind of stuff



don’t remember exactly but it must be tri-x rated at 1600 that day




one of my favorites from the roll, the triangles seem to work there



the coast is clear!



behind the camera..






this one got printed on his latest book last year



never been to the place before. fantastic ambiance





the paintings from each episode find their way to an auction for charity



got his hands a bit dirty



at least he finally has a facebook profile photo, if you don’t mind the acrylic splashes



chilling at home



uykusuz & turkish coffee



hanging out with mark, irish pub in taksim





on the way to istanbul fotograf merkezi to get some overpriced tri-x rolls, tarlabasi





more hanging out, cihangir



bayram morning at ankara





finishing the roll



at the atelier













looks like dad placed my darkroom prints on the best spot





eyes on me



mustafa abi (and a fatih urunc in the back)



down to warehouse






ready for the crazy massage?



new season home booties





visiting yunus tonkus





some of his students’ works









ready for the opening night







someone’s getting bored



on the set of av mevsimi (hunting season)



crew setting up the fog for the scene



smart way to protect an arricam from rain



leads taking a break between shots, sener sen and cetin tekindor



set photographer with a huge boner



another break



he noticed my leica and called me over, we had nice chat for a couple of minutes. all the urban legends I heard about him seem to be true, though. imagine the most strict teacher you had in high school. I couldn’t even ask for a photo.



weekend visit to dikmen family, urla



cinar chilling at the patio



sinasi dikmen talking about his upcoming projects



we agreed to buy their house if they ever decide to move back to germany



meanwhile in the kitchen










visit to cuma ocaklı home studio



discussing his latest works



good vibes





olive oil black market








streets of alacati



the antiques bazaar







off to eskisehir, as a proud member of the underdevelopers club





walking around odunpazari



nature wins







cinar bending some air



inside the pirate ship





how is masal dünyası yapılması işi going?



gave a visit to the village where my father was born, countryside near konya



all the family members moved to bigger cities over time and no one living in here any more. adobe house is finally falling apart





ibrahim showing a hand-made walking stick. I’ve always liked those columns by the way



door to manure storage room



back to istanbul, protesting government’s internet bans



with some nice people







photo shooting session for the exhibition invitation card, 17mm














uncle necati



enough already?

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