from nyc with love

first post after moving to usa. took a while to settle down but I finally worked my way back to film photography. I used fujifilm x100s here and there in the meantime, and really liked the way it performs but sorry, grain calls me.

As I left the majority of my family behind, I can see the blog is heading towards more street than personal stuff. Not complaining but I’ll definitely miss those none-sense daily photos. all tri-x between 800-1600 iso shot with leica m6 and summicron 35mm and 50mm, developed mostly in xtol, some grainy ones in hc-110. enjoy!


m2 train



I was so focused on capturing the train operator that I don’t even remember shooting this one



getting naughty at metropolitan 










getting dark at soho



love his hat



some random coffee place







a dog, a girl and a guy cuting his own clone’s hair



food not comin’



sister chilling at the high line



much better than converse



slightly out of sync



sending her off to turkey, time to say good bye



life at mamaroneck ave. gothic font freaks me out



he stood there reading just like that for about an hour, barnes & noble



having the best salmon pesto monterey in the world with daniel, some fish place in armonk



astoria park, who needs a restroom anyway?





pigeon: impossible











looking at flatiron building



walking astoria



took a nap standing up for two stops on express q train, wish I had that super power



selfie with some bryant park grass in the background
















hang in there, buddy





cove island




walking soho





no standing?



hats on





nice to meet you



she had purple hair, same color as the rose on her shoulder, too bad I didn’t have color film





nan goldin! nice find







hope news are good


















played itsy bitsy spider for ruzgar





















late for the party

















enjoying the breeze, governor’s island ferry



getting ready for the lawn party







found out that he’s michael arenella, founder of the jazz age lawn party



hi mr. john



clean up time





ferry delay





back to white plains



usps summer 2016 postman fashion



walking around williamsburg..



a williamsburg native, we had a small talk, he said the neighborhood changed so much recently that he feels himself as a foreigner





nice music store



people taking photos of people taking photos said the guy with shades, 3 seconds after I released the shutter







brooklyn street brass band















made my day



sorry that fear and hatred won.. once again





walking down 9th ave



time to get some fresh tri-x rolls



puking responsibly









she couldn’t cheer him up









black lives matter rally







not today











fight like a kid




  1. Wonderful photos! One of my favorites is that accidental second photo, which is brilliant! Can’t wait for the next series.

  2. Erkan Ozgur Yilmaz

    Amazing bro, respect, always loved your works, you have a great eye (or couple of them 😉 ).

  3. 👏🏻 brilliant!!

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